Is your company waiting for a Section 301 tariff refund?

Take the uncertainty out of your Section 301 tariff refund and make use of the working capital now.

With our Accelerated Tariff Refund program, you can get your funds now rather than waiting a year or more for your refund.

Remove the Guesswork From Your Refund

How it Works

If you have already applied for your Section 301 tariff refund, here’s how our Accelerated Tariff Refund program works:

  • Simply fill out the form and one of our analysts will contact you.

  • On our call, we’ll gather the necessary details about your refund and review the forms we’ll need from you.

  • Our tariff exclusion team will evaluate the refunds (as long as the refund is $800,000 or larger) and give you a quote.

  • Once you review and accept our offer, we’ll finalize the agreement and provide you with the final payment.

Once your refund paperwork is verified, and we agree to terms, your money could be in your hands in as little as a day.

Stop the Waiting and Access Your Refund

As more companies apply, it is taking longer for companies to receive refunds, with no guarantee on the timing of the refund. 

We take the guesswork out of your refund. If your application qualifies, we can get you the money you’re owed quickly. 

Easy and Simple

Our payment isn’t a loan – we acquire your unpaid refund, relieving you from all the program burdens and complexities.  

Once your claim is validated, you can receive your refund in as little as a day. 

Imagine what your company could do if it had more money on hand. 

Stop waiting and get your refund paid.


Get your quote quickly:
  • Guaranteed offer as long as your refund is validated
  • No more waiting for your refund
  • Simple process
  • Low fees 


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