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Type of Facility: Accounts receivable financing

Discount Rate: indicative rates per month against the product of the face value of each purchased Eligible Account multiplied by the Advance Rate (such product being the “Advance Amount”), calculated daily, in advance and non-compounding.

Facility Fee (Annual): Percentage of the value of the Facility Size, deducted from the first payment to Seller and on every annual anniversary date thereafter.  The fee is waived in subsequent years if autoXcel is selected. 

Overdue Payment Fee: Assessed in the event of an overdue payment from eligible Account Debtor.  The rate of 1.5X of Seller’s monthly Discount Rate assessed against overdue amounts and is deducted from the next payment to Seller.  A grace period of 5 calendar days is provided to Seller before accruing any Overdue Payment Fees.

payXcel Fee – (Optional) Assessed if Seller opts for same day wire payment of accelerated amounts in lieu of an ACH payment and is deducted from the the payment amount.  Waived if no other lower cost alternative is available or if wire is the only option available. Fee is $25.00 per wire payment.

Invoice Processing Fee: Waived if autoXcel is selected. Invoices which were eligible to be offered but were not offered for sale by the Seller are subject to a processing fee of $10.00 per invoice.

Cancellation Fee: Waived

Administration Fee: Waived

Legal Fees: Waived. Seller will not be expected to pay Purchaser’s legal fees in connection with the closing of the Facility.




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