Receivables Finance

SMB Financing Options in This Economic Climate

In just a period of weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has had a dramatic impact on the global economy. Consumer and business spending has dropped off significantly as people around the world self-quarantine.

Shops, restaurants, hotels and so many other businesses have temporarily closed their doors to hold on to as much cash as possible until the pandemic is over. For small- to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), the impact is particularly strong because they generally have less than 20 days of cash reserves.

There are a number of possibilities. It’s important to understand the differences between these options, as some may have greater restrictions or even overall availability as systems are being pushed to the brink. One option, receivables finance, offers a fast, easy way for businesses to unlock the cash in their accounts receivables, while still giving them the flexibility to take advantage of the government’s Paycheck Protection Program.

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